APC guidance has been grouped according to BNF chapter.
Guidance includes
– Shared care guidance
– Clinical guidelines
– Information sheets – to help ongoing care in primary care following specialist initiation/recommendation.

Gastro-Intestinal System
Abnormal LFT Guidelines NENC Hepatology Network revised Nov 2016
Bariatric Prescribing and Monitoring Guidance for GPs V4
Prescribing trans anal irrigation – guidelines for prescribing 2019 v1.0

Cardiovascular System
Angina GL (Updated 2014)
Atrial fibrillation – Prescribing for Non-valvular AF in Primary Care v1.0
Antiplatelet Guidelines – Mar 2017
Dronedarone SCG – Sept 17
FATS7 – Nov 2016
Heart Failure Guideline – Revised Mar 2017
Hypertension Guidelines – 2017
Oral Anticoagulant Comparison v2.1 – Jan 2016  

Respiratory System
COPD management guidelines v1.0

Central Nervous system
Cognitive enhancing medication – leaflet for primary care v1.0 Sept 2019
ADHD Adult shared care v1.0 Sept 2019
ADHD Children shared care Sept 2019 v1.0
Antipyschotic Leaflet September 2019 v1.0
Dexamfetamine, primary sleep disorders – Nov 2013

Headache Management Guidelines (Adult) – May 2016 Northern East Update, endorsed for use in North of Tyne and Gateshead areas – CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW
Ketamine in Palliative Care Shared Care Guidelines – Aug 2017
Lithium Share Care Guidance June 2019
Melatonin – Children and Young People June 2018
Memantine information for primary care – Dec 17
Naltrexone SCG – May 2016

Vigabatrin SCG – Jul 2014

Infections and antibiotics
Nice Antimicrobial Guidance
Nebulised Gentamicin Information for Primary Care July 2019

Endocrine System
Denosumab Information leaflet 2018
Gender Dysphoria – Feminising Hormones – Mar 2017
Gender Dysphoria – Masculinising Hormones – Mar 2017
Thyroid Gudelines (TRAMP2) June 2018
Osteoporosis guidelines, including bisphosphonate review Dec 17
Liothyronine prescribing guidance v0.4

Genito-Urinary System
Erectile Dysfunction – Guidelines for the investigation and management of men with ED – Updated Sep 2015 – CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW
Menopause guideline January 2019 v2.0
Non-Surgical Management of Overactive Bladder (OAB) pathway – Jan 2015
Urology Guideline – March 19
Methylphenidate for giggle incontinence – Children – July 2018

Renal Disease
Kidney Guidelines, NoT and Gateshead – CKD – Chronic Kidney Disease – Mar 2017

Malignant Disease and Immunosuppression
Guidelines for the Monitoring of Immune Modifying Drugs (IMDs) in Stable Adult Patients (excluding post transplantation in Primary and Secondary Care – July 2018
Immunosuppressive Treatment Following Liver Transplants SCG – Jun 2017
Immunosuppression following Paediatric renal transplantation SCG – Oct 17
Immunosuppressive Treatment following Renal Transplant – Dec 2016
Lanreotide and Octreotide – Information for Treatment of Adults with Acromegaly or Neuroendocrine Tumours in Primary Care July 2019
Immunosuppressive Treatment for Paediatric Nephrotic Syndrome SCG – Oct 17
Tocilizumab-monitoring-shared-care-guidance-June-18 v1
NECN Palliative and End of Life Care guidelines 2016

Nutrition and Blood
Erythropoietin (Darbepoetin [Aranesp]) in the Treatment of Patients with CKD – Jul 17
Gluten Free guidance Dec 18
Infant Formulae Prescribing Guidelines – Sep 2016
Vitamin D Quick reference guide v1.0 October 2019

Musculoskeletal and Joint Diseases

Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat
ENT Guideline – Feb 2017
Eye conditions – NoT & G Guidelines for the management of common Opthalmology Conditions – Sep 2016

Acne Management Guidelines – Sep 2016

Blood-glucose-monitoring-guideline v1.0
Diabetes Stepped Approach guideline Jan 2019

Other Guidance
Brand name prescribing guidance v1.0
Prescribing-intervals Jan 2019
Seven-day-Rx-and-Monitored-dosage-systems Jan 2019
Stoma Prescribing Guidelines North of Tyne APC – Jan 2016
Swallowing Difficulties – Jan 2017
Third party ordering – January 2019 (expiry date extension)